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How To: Get high definition settings in Camtasia Studio

In this tutorial, we learn how to get high definition settings in Camtasia Studio. First, open up Camtasia Studio and your movie. After this, click to open up the link and go through the wizard. Instead of clicking on the pre-set mode, you will be able to choose the file format, which can be high definition. You can also change the name and add in a description. Then, click next and go through the QuickTime options. Go to the settings and change the frame rate to 30 and the quality to best in...

How To: Enhance the audio in your Camtasia Studio 5 videos

In this video, we learn how to enhance the audio in your Camtasia Studio 5 videos. First, set your video to 640x480 and then choose the option to zoom yourself. Now, click the zoom in button to zoom in on the time line with your audio. Then, right click the audio and go to "audio enhancement". Once here, click the first option under background noise removal, then click the remove background noise button. Now, when you play back your audio, you will hear a huge difference in what you just play...

How To: Make HD videos with Camtasia Studio 5/6

HelpTube1 teaches you how to make HD videos using Camtasia Studio. You need to have Camtasia Studio, QuickTime installed and an AVI file. In Camtasia Studio click Batch Processing, choose MOV, then 30 frames per second, the encoder should be h.264. Quality set to best and key frames Automatic. Size - Dimensions should be 1280x720 HD. For audio you should have mpeg audio, stereo and 48 kHz rate. Click ok and next. You can also include a picture watermark in the next window. Finish this and cho...

How To: Record screencasts in Camtasia Studio 5

This software tutorial gives you a good overview of how to record screencasts using Camtasia Studio 5. You will learn how to set up your computer for recording, and how to do some post-processing effects and techniques to your screencast in Camtasia Studio 5 after you have finished recording. If you plan to make podcasts or screencast tutorials, Camtasia Studio 5 is a great software to use, and this video will show you how to get started with it.

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